+ NEWS 28.SEP.18  Having trouble falling asleep at night? Follow and stream the “Lofi Sleep Sounds” Spotify playlist to experience the best sleep you’ve had in quite some time. Featuring 16 hand picked tracks from ProducerTrentTaylor’s discography.

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+ NEWS 25.SEP.18  New Spotify playlist, curated by ProducerTrentTaylor — highlighting beat makers that bring that hot fiye. Click here to submit your tracks.

Most Fire Lofi Boom Bap Chillhop Beats -- Full
Spotify Playlist Cover: Most Fire Lofi / Boom Bap / ChillHop Beats

ドープ  23.SEP.18  “..His beats will provoke a chilled euphoria in your ears that will travel to your brain and will flow into your heart! .. #ProducerTrentTaylor #AFan4Life #KeepBouncing !!!!! .. Thank You forread more at Keep Bouncing.

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+ NEWS 21.SEP.18  The Micro-Chop Daily X #24 – ProducerTrentTaylor’s Guest Selections Daily Instrumental Playlist, With 10 Joints Hand-Picked by ProducerTrentTaylor. Listen Now

ドープ  20.SEP.18  “..this album is definitely his most progressive work. I give this album aread more at Keep Bouncing.  In Response To $moke Doctor’s AKA ProducerTrentTaylor’s latest work,  Rare Candy /  珍しいあめ (2018)

Snoog Lacky — BandCamp

+ NEWS 19.SEP.18  Rare Candy / 珍しいあめ Featured in BeatTape Co-Op

+ NEWS 11.SEP.18  New Beat Tape Rare Candy /  珍しいあめ Featuring Hit Songs “Las Vegas “BLVD” , “Most Incredible”, & “The $$$ Dance” Now Available on All Major  Follow on SpotifyStreaming Platforms!

+ NEWS 03.SEP.18  L.E. Hard Copies of Rare Candy /  珍しいあめ Now Available!

+ NEWS 20.JUL.18 ProducerTrentTaylor Loyalty Club (Beta) Announced During Radio Interview with Nick Gonzaga of Gonz After Curfew.

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+ NEWS 19.JUL.18  ProducerTrentTaylor’s “Assemble the Fiends” Discovered on the Lofi Hip Hop Playlist, Curated by Spotify Staff. — Lofi’s crispiest beatmakers.