ProducerTrentTaylor Welcomes Another Year With Rare Candy

Today, ProducerTrentTaylor celebrates his 9/11 birthday with fans by releasing his tenth studio album, Rare Candy — also referred to as 珍しいあめ.

Rare Candy is made up of a collection of beats that gives an account of what happened following the release of Powder $$$. Prior to Rare Candy, ProducerTrentTaylor publicly released eight beat tapes. During that time, he also encountered a half dozen near-death experiences which prompted him to celebrate his birthday differently.

The Hip Hop producer spent the year documenting his experiences. The twenty-one track production shares his travels across the United States “On A Suspended License” and being welcomed into the “Most Incredible” communities. “Most Blunted In America” summaries the daily “Smoke Ritual” he indulged in with the best cannabis offered. Tracks like “$$$ Dance” and “Deez Expensive” illustrate the importance of financial security and responsibility needed to support local businesses. The Miami native also immersed himself in the vibrant streets of “Las Vegas Blvd” on more than 20 trips to Nevada.

ProducerTrentTaylor uses his experiences along with the voices of some of the greatest boxers of all time (i.e. Floyd Mayweather Jr., Muhammed Ali) to narrate Rare Candy. In addition to reviving what seems to be his spirit, ProducerTrentTaylor’s fusion of samples, rhythms and drums seems to inspires us to awaken and nurture our own spirit.

Rare Candy is now available on over 100 streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer. The release can be also purchased on Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon.

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